Caregiver Interview


USE THE FOLLOWING questions for each candidate, carefully record their answers so you can make a meaningful and informed decision about whom to hire:

• “Tell me about yourself.” This open-ended question, simple as it is, can reveal a great deal about a person’s character, motivation, and priorities. Look in particular for a focus on others’ welfare.

• Ask applicants to describe their formal training for providing care. This will help you determine the candidate’s qualifications and skills.

• Ask whether they are bonded to insure security for your home and valuable possessions. If they are not bonded, ask whether they know of any factor that might bar their bonding.

• Ask about previous care giving work experience. Ask about each applicant’s length of time on the job, and the reason for leaving a job, to determine any personality conflicts and longevity on previous jobs.

• Ask the simple question, “Why do you want this job?” so you can determine a sense of commitment and dedication.

• As you discuss your needs, be aware of the would-be caregivers interjecting their view of how to do what you want and need.

• Ask about their availability and flexibility.

• Ask about their transportation to determine reliability.

• Ask about their health status to be aware of health limitations in performing your needed tasks.

• Ask for at least three employment and personal references; these should be from care-giving positions, if possible. It won’t help you if they were terrific cutting hair or something not related to caregiving but were not able to provide positive references from their caregiving positions.

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