My Way of Coping

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Working in challenging career positions is what first motivated me to make self-care a priority in my life. But this long-ago decision to take care of myself has helped me survive emotionally and physically as a family caregiver.

My self-care regimen allows me to fill my days with inventiveness, creativity and personal growth.  I believe that one’s physical and mental health is tied to one’s commitment to making each day different, and better, than the one before. I begin my routine—designed to keep my mind and body in check—early each day by writing in my journal. This helps to clear my head of negative thoughts before I lay out my goals for the day. For tips on how to journal , click here.

I do a vigorous workout program at least six days a week that helps synchronize my body and mind. It also optimizes my levels of energy and creativity. Afterwards, I soak in a tub of lukewarm water with Epsom salt and lavender oil for at least 20 minutes to quiet myself and to allow new ideas and solutions to challenges to emerge.  I’m amazed at how exhilarated I feel when my body and soul are in balance—I highly recommend that you create your own self-care routine if you don’t already have one. For ideas on stress reduction and relaxation, visit the Mayo Clinic’s Web site.

Keeping my skeletal system aligned is another way that I stay centered—I visit my chiropractor once a week for an adjustment. Many troubling aches and pains are caused by skeletal misalignment, which can prevent you from being your best self.  Think about how a nagging headache or agonizing neck pain or sore back can stop you in your tracks. 

I also embrace a diet that provides my body with nutrients essential for healthy living. For tips on a healthy diet, visit the Mayo Clinic’s Web site.

After I’ve taken care of my mind and body, I go about my daily chores, including shopping, meetings and hobbies. I intersperse doing chores, however, with breaks for meditation or relaxation. One of my favorite modes of relaxation is photography.  Taking pictures allows me to focus my mind on and marvel at the beauty that nature places before our eyes but that we are often too busy to see. I also enjoy sharing my photos with others. (Click the link, “Finding Peace,” above.)

Finally, I end my day with personal reading and more meditation. This helps me to reinforce who I am—a trusting, caring, mature and responsible individual. It also centers me so that I can deal with people in a loving, respectful, understanding and peaceful way.

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